Why The BJ-50 Really Needs to be Applauded

Written by Kijani Software on Wednesday March 13, 2019

This is not related to Web Design/Web Dev. but it's tech-related.

UPDATE 15th, March, 2019: The name of the entrepreneur is not Mr. Ndiritu but rather Mr. Njogu.

I mean really, why are Kenyans online reducing the BJ-50? Crappy as it may look that is how something big starts. My presumption why people online are angry about this is due to the sad expectation that Innovation should come from the State; which is really sad. Innovation comes from the People first.

The BJ-50 is a creation of a Mr. Njogu. A school dropout who has been fixes cars for 15 years. The car is NOT a Laikipia County government initiative. The county government came in to finance the project later. The cars have been in use in Nyahururu for some time now as bodabodas. The most admirable thing about Mr. Njogu's enterprise is that he already has orders for his work. Do people know how hard it is to create a tech product from scratch AND have ready users who want to BUY (not just test) it? On top of all this, students at Dedan Kimathi Uni. came in to help with the CAD design.

The first car ever made did not have pneumatic tyres. It wheels were made of hard rubber and a wooden carriage for the body. The first airplane had wires holding together the wooden wings. I know many will say it is 2018 but if you know the sheer size of an automobile's component supply logistics that goes into building just one modern car you'll appreciate what Mr. Njogu has done. He does not have that luxury to tap into that at the moment.

So people really need to chill with the condescending "hot takes" and for once just immerse themselves in knowing the story behind the car. You'll come to appreciate the effort that Mr. Njogu has put into making it.

Written by Kijani Software on Wednesday March 13, 2019

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