The Milk Bill + Shenanigans & Our Education System

Written by Kijani Software on Monday April 15, 2019

Last week but one, the proposed Milk Bill was the talk of #KOT town. But if you really place it within the entire context you'll come to see something. This bill is no different from the ICT Bill that was proposed sometime back which I don't know in what phase it is in at the moment.

You see, the problem with the Milk Bill - just like the ICT Bill - is the attempt by the Government to "formalise" an industry that is dominated by the informal that is working just fine. A noble intention but applied in the wrong way. The informal sector has been going on fine. It is working. Unfortunately, here comes a government agency that assumes the sector needs to formalised. You know what the Americans say: "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The informal sector in many African countries is the prime driver of the economy. What the government needs is to first figure out what drives the informal sector before slapping any regulation on it. It needs nurturing rather compulsion to grow.

So how are these 2 bills linked to our education system? The problem with our Education system is that it was geared at creating people fit for office positions; managers and "office people" rather than the technical people. Also, our system despises the informal sector; the word "juakali" is used to denote those jobs that seem less sosphisticated. So the creators of these bills could be dyed-in-the-wool products of our education system hence why they can create bills that seem to lack understanding of the informal sector.

Written by Kijani Software on Monday April 15, 2019

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