Clients From Hell: It's No Good Invalidating Some of the Users' Stories

Written by Kijani Software on Tuesday December 4, 2018

Feeling you are the only creative (web designer/web developer/graphic designer/logo designer) going through a period with a client from Hell? You are not alone. There is a site where creatives can post anonymously their clients-from-hell stories: Clients From Hell. It's a site mixed with the funny, sad to the gory tales of how clients can treat creatives.

However, there are some stories that come off as condescending and I do agree with some web designers who feel the site may be going bad. But we cannot invalidate the genuine stories of clients-from-hell posted on the site (and they make up most of the stories). Check this:

  • Client wants project done but disappears before sending content. Client comes backs later - after numerous follow-ups from the creative - with accussations that their time has been wasted.
  • Clients asking for "family discounts"
  • Clients using the work without even paying for it thus infringing on the IP of the creator/creative
  • Clients using creatives work without fully paying for it
  • Clients demanding for extra work but refusing to pay for it
  • Clients requesting for work to be done. Work is done but client discards it later without paying for it etc.

The common thread in all these stories is Injustice; the client commits an offence that damages the creatives situation somehow or is unfair to the creative in some way. This is a serious thing that cannot be dismissed.

Otherwise, if you are a creative dig into the site and see what trials others going through.

Written by Kijani Software on Tuesday December 4, 2018

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